Custom-built web hosting platform

Unlike other providers of DirectAdmin-based hosting who put their clients on a single overloaded server, we built a robust hosting platform that is up to date with the requirements of constantly evolving modern websites.

SSD cache
Frequently accessed files are stored in a pool of pure SSD storage servers, reducing I/O request processing time to just a few milliseconds.
Web server cluster
Bare-metal cluster of Apache web servers processes HTTP requests in parallel, eliminating bottlenecks and request queuing.
PHP 7 with OPcache
OPcache improves PHP performance by storing precompiled script bytecode in memory, removing the need to load and parse scripts on each request.
Custom MySQL server
We use Percona database server which is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. Backed by SSD cache, it delivers excellent performance and reliability.
EuroHost Network Diagram
Distinct servers

Each component of platform is hosted on it's own hardware to performs it's tasks without interfering with other services.

Fine tuned configuration

All services have been manually tested and adjusted to bring maximum performance.


We built our platform with respect to the need of being seamlessly grown over the time. It scales to new added hardware, without interruption of operations.

Failover and load balancing

To maintain optimal performance we use hash load balancing method, that prevents overcommitment of resources in web server cluster. If a web server fails, requests are automatically redirected to healthy nodes.

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Personal website hosting

The best choice for starter or low-traffic websites that receive less than 100,000 monthly visitors. Fully-featured hosting plans with unmetered disk space and data transfer are ideally suitable to host a Wordpress blog, a website created with Site Builder, or a pure HTML project.                                              

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Business web hosting

Additional power is brought with hosting plans for business websites. The ability to process simultaneous requests by multiple PHP/CGI handlers in parallel brings enhanced performance and essential improvement of browsing experience which is vital for a website that generates web pages dynamically.

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Semi-dedicated hosting

EuroHost's innovative technology combines standard DirectAdmin web hosting and container-based private servers that allows maximum performance for applications that require large amount of dedicated resources. The whole experience looks like managing a regular hosting account, no additional skills required.

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